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I am very happy to announce the launch of Icon Brickell Miami Condos – a website dedicated to condo sales and rentals at Icon Brickell. This website has been a long time in the making and includes many unique features that you will not find anywhere else. Besides a stunning and user-friendly design, this website includes the ability to view condo listings in all three towers at once along with the ability to filter those listings by tower number. The latter would especially come in handy when trying to quickly view listings in two of the towers while concurrently excluding those in the third. For example, let’s say that you wish to view rental listings located in towers 1 and 2 but exclude those found in tower 3. This is a scenario that I come across quite often when contacted by people who are in the market to rent a condo at Icon Brickell. The reason for this is because condos in towers 1 and 2 at Icon Brickell include assigned parking while tower 3 condos include valet-only parking. While this difference may seem trivial to some, others find it to be all-important. In fact, many people, as a result of this difference, completely rule out tower 3 condos from their search. Now, with the advent of this website, there no longer will be a need for people to flip back and forth between inventory pages trying to compare listings in two or more towers at Icon Brickell. Come on, who has time for that?

This website also includes the ability to filter inventory by flooring type. How many times have you wanted to quickly exclude from your property search units that have carpet? Now, that ability is yours.

Another unique feature that was added is auto-assignment of floor plans. That means that the corresponding floor plan to each unit is automatically assigned and accompanies each listing as it hits the market. The floor plans appear as a View Floor Plans link on the property details page.  Now, there is no need to view a unit and then try to flip to a separate page to figure out its correct floor plan. Each listing will already have the correct floor plan assigned to it.

If you are unfamiliar with Icon Brickell and/or have any questions, be sure to visit my FAQ page. There, you will find answers to a long list of questions that came to mind to me. For the most part, they are questions that I have been asked over the years by those with an interest to rent or buy a condo at Icon Brickell.

Last but not least, if you are in the market to buy or rent a condo at Icon Brickell, be sure to create an account. By doing so, you will be able to save listings for future reference.  It also makes it much easier to compare various listings side-by-side.  You also have the ability to remove saved listings from your account in case any do not make the final cut.

Almost a year ago today, my vision for this website began to take shape.  My goal then, as it always will be, was to save you and me time. Today, with the launch of this website, there is no doubt in my mind that I, along with the help of my website development team, have met that goal. As always, I would appreciate any feedback and comments that you may have.

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